About Us

Macro9 Group LLC is a business logic and sales automation company headquartered in Sunnyvale, U.S.A. founded in 2010 by Bradford Newton, an enthusiastic technologist and serial entrepreneur.

Since 2010, our focus has been on enabling businesses to automate their proprietary logic through enterprise applications and web services. Our expertise helps these businesses to:

  • Optimize their business logic for cloud and multi-tenant deployments.
  • Simplify their business logic and applications delivery.
  • Solve complex product configuration and product bundling solutions beyond the scope of todays ecommerce systems.
  • Expand their global footprint with better automation tools and applications.
  • Deliver faster results across the cloud with fewer technical obstacles.

In short, we deliver solutions that help companies expand their global reach while managing their IT costs.

Our advantage comes from over 25-years of success in delivering world-class applications and technical solutions that improve overall business reach and overcome technical scalability limitations.

Macro9 Offices


Our sales offices are located in Silicon Valley, at:

We have a Development Center in Pune, Maharashtra, India.
This center is operated as a joint venture with Reflectica Software, PVT LTD.

Please contact us to learn more about our expertise and services.