Assessment Services

Planning and forecasting IT projects can prove daunting. Many IT projects are either underestimated or over budget before they ever get started. At Macro9, we believe the best way to insure a timely delivery of new technology is to start with the right foundation for the project. This includes planning, scoping, defining and validating each phase of a project.

We offer our clients a variety of Assessment Services intended to insure your new project has the starting basis for success. Our assessment services include:

  • Project scoping, planning and cost estimation
  • Solution Blueprint Workshops
  • Domain Knowledge: Discovery and Capture Sessions
  • Technology Vendor Selection
  • Project Cost Estimation
  • Business and IT Project Risk Analysis
  • IT Technology Due Diligence
  • RFP and Vendor Selection Management

Our Assessment services are based on a solid discovery models, well defined success metrics, and practical cost saving advice.
If you are looking to plan a new IT project, we highly recommend you contact us first.